Our Students

What do you think makes someone successful at GLOW?

Jordyn A

"I think that having supportive teachers and a supportive learning environment that helps you be more responsible for yourself. The teachers and principals at GLOW are always pushing you to do better and I think that helps as well. "

Jordyn A. - Class of 2023

Victoria R

"I believe what makes someone successful at GLOW is the work ethic and the responsibility that students put into their school work. The school has amazing resources and opportunities for the students to be successful, now it depends on the students to take the resources and take advantage of the opportunities presented. Be a leader!"

Victoria R. - Class of 2023

Jade W

"To be successful at GLOW you have to believe in what GLOW is doing and believe that you can be a part of what GLOW is doing for young women across Wilmington."

Jade W. - Class of 2025

What do you like best about GLOW?

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Paola D

I like the connection and conversations that we can have.
Paola D. - Class of 2023

Raquel S

We get more opportunities then other schools like going to different colleges.

Raquel S. - Class of 2025


The teachers, they are very helpful and kind they teach very well and are not just teachers but a person you can talk to.
ZaKiyyah C. - Class of 2024

Clara P

I like the extra activities we are offered (after school clubs, in school clubs, unique electives like cooking, etc.).

Clara P. - Class of 2024


I like the people there such as the staff and my friends. We have all gotten to the point where we know each other so well that we're all comfortable with each other.
Lindsay F. - Class of 2023

Tymira E

What I like best about GLOW is that you can be yourself and no one judges you for that.
Tymira E. - Class of 2024

I like how my teachers always encourage me to get the work done because they want to see me succeed.
Betsy G. - Class of 2025

I like the people and overall vibe I get from being here at school. I am comfortable which means that when I make mistakes, I know that they will lift me up and help me get better.
Makayla B. - Class of 2023

Makayla B

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